Touch Bar Exit Devices_Surface Vertical Rod TH1100EDSV
  • MATERIAL: Extruded anodized aluminum push bar, stainless steel springs
  • LATCH: Top pullman type, Botom bolt assembly
  • DOOR HEIGHT: 7 standard
  • BACKSET: 2¾" on 4½" minimum stile width if less than 4½" backset becomes half of the exposed stile width
  • STRIKE: Top surface mounted, Bottom flat mortise or into threshold, vertical/rim application use DBLST double dr. strike
  • PROJECTION: 2½" 1⅞" dogged
  • STILE: 4½" min
  • HANDING: Reversible, non-handed
  • DOOR THICKNESS: 1¾" standard
  • DOOR WIDTH: 36", Can be field sized to 30"
  • MOUNTING HEIGHT: Recommended installation at 41 from finished floor to center line of push rail
  • FASTENERS: Furnished with sheet metal and machine screws Dumm
  • CYLINDER: Accepts rim all trims Schlage "C" keyway
  • DOGGING: ½ turn hex key
  • FIRE RATED: Available please specify
  • FINISHES: Aluminum, Duronotic, and Stainless Steel