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Panic Exit Devices Narrow Stile-SF-EDNS
RIM TYPE SF - EDNS narrow stile “RIM type” style exit devices are suitable for all doors (aluminum, hollow metal, or wood) where there is no projection on the face. Manufactured of extruded anodized aluminum, the SF - EDNS is durable enough for the most demanding applications. SF - EDNS Specifications
  • Narrow stile.
  • Underwriters' laboratories inc. listed – panic hardware.
  • Requires a 2" mounting surface for typical use with narrow, medium and wide stile aluminum doors, hollow metal or wood doors.
  • HANDING : Non-handed, for LH or RH doors.
  • Latch bolt throws 5/8".
  • DOGGING : Dogging by hex key in touch bar. Outside unlatching with standard rim cylinder.
  • DOOR WIDTH : Standard units for 36" and 48" door widths ( can be field sized ).
  • Appliable on 30" wide doors.
  • FINISHES : Aluminum and duronotic.