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Panic Exit Devices BH Series-Surface Vertical Rod-TH1100EDSV-BH
TH1100EDSV surface vertical rod panic device is the perfect choice for double doors without mullions. reversible for right or left hand doors, they are ideal for new construction or renovations. our EDSV panics can be used in conjunction with any of our exit device trims listed below . TH11OOEDSV-BH  Specifications
  • MATERIAL: Extruded anodized aluminum push bar, stainless steel springs
  • LATCH: Top pullman type, Bottom bolt assembly
  • DOORHEIGHT: 7'standard
  • BACKSET: 2 3/4"on 4 1/2"minimum stile width - if less than 4 1/2" backset becomes half of the exposed stile width
  • STRIKE: Top - surface mounted, Bottom - flat mortise or into threshold, vertical/rim application use DBLST double ctr strike
  • PROJECTION: 2 1/2"-1 7/8 "dogged
  • STILE: 4 1/2 "minimum
  • HANDING: Reversible, non-handed
  • DOOR THICKNESS: 1 3/4"standard
  • DOOR WIDTH : 36", can be field sized to 30"
  • MOUNTING HEIGHT : Recommended installation at 41" from finished floor to center line.of p sh rail
  • FASTENERS : Furnished with sheet metal and machine screws
  • CYLINDER: Accepts rim, all trims Schlage "C" keyway
  • DOGGING: 1/2turnhex key
  • FIRE RATED: Available - please specify
  • FINISHES : FINISHES : Aluminum, Duronotic, and Stainless Steel