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Dual Adjustable Lift Off Concealed Ball Bearing Hinge
Imperial High-Performance Independent Dual Vertical and Horizontal adjustable hinge comes standard with a Lift off feature along with a concealed ball bearing and a Non-Removable Pin. The Imperial hinges are available in Steel, Stainless Steel or Solid Brass in coated and architectural finishes. LIFT-OFF FEATURE The Lift-Off Feature allows for the easiest removal and installation of the door panel to and from the door frame where NO Tools are required, saving time and money. HI-PERFORMANCE Independently third party tested to exceed ANSI/BHMA 156.1 Grade 3 standard for 350,000 cycles with 3 hinges on a 180 lbs door panel. ADJUSTABILITY
  • Independent Dual vertical and horizontal adjustment comes standard on all hinges. No separate set and guide hinges.
  • 1/4" Vertical Adjustment with a heavy duty 7/16″ hex head vertical adjustment screw that incorporates a ball bearing. Only 2-1/2 turns are required each way with a visual adjustment indicator.
  • 5/16" horizontal adjustment with a combination head screw allows the use of either a Phillips or Flat head screw driver. Only 4 turns max are needed each way for 5/16″ horizontal adjustment.
  • One step industry standard routing with 5/8″ corner radius simplifies door preparation. Fits industry standard template making it suitable for new installations or replacements.
  • Heavy Gauge All Metal Construction.
  • No Plastic or Synthetic Parts.
  • Heavy Duty 7/16” diameter Pin for extra strength.
  • Concealed ball bearing located inside the hinge knuckle that makes for an aesthetically cleaner look.
SMOOTH OPERATION Heavy Duty Pin sits on a Concealed Hardened 3/8" Ball Bearing providing ease of operation and improving cycle life. SECURITY Built-in Non-removable Pin makes both inswing and outswing applications feasible.