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Concealed Restrictor and Stud
  • Spring loaded releasable arm.
  • Manufactured from stainless steel.
  • Ideal for retro-fitting.
 ANG8312  Concealed Restrictor R / H SUS430
 ANG8312-304  Concealed Restrictor R / H SUS304
 ANG8313  Concealed Restrictor L / H SUS430
 ANG8313-304  Concealed Restrictor L / H SUS304
 ANG-8314  Restrictor Stud 11.5 mm SUS430
 ANG8314-304  Restrictor Stud 11.5 mm SUS304
 RST10095  Restrictor Stud 9.5 mm SUS430
 RST10145  Restrictor Stud 14.5 mm SUS430